North Ottawa Community Health
Emergency Department

November 28, 2016

Success is Measured in Volumes, Expenses, Time, and Satisfaction.

The overall renovation and addition to the North Ottawa Community Health Emergency Department was 15,500 sf with the construction cost of the project at $9.67 million.


Improved productivity by 41% on average by streamlining the care process and reducing the number of steps staff need to take care for a patient.


The new environment will accommodate an increase in capacity of 46% based on the same utilization rate.


Overall patient satisfaction for the Emergency Department increased from 96% to 99%.

Revenue Generating Spaces

Patient Care Spaces increased in square footage by 1.5x. Staff Support Spaces were increased to encourage more collaboration.

Project Summary

Research indicates that a majority of emergency room visits are for chronic disease management rather than for urgent, life-saving care, thus costing hospitals time, money, and draining staff resources. Enviah recognized the value of integrating primary care wellness practices into urgent care in order to create an efficient and forward-thinking Emergency Department. In close collaboration with the staff and physicians at North Ottawa Community Hospital, we implemented several new processes designed to: delineate clear treatment tracks, standardize room design and supply location, facilitate patient-doctor communication create more private environments, effectively manage chronic and acute care demands, and encourage healing for all patients. Enviah acted as the owner’s representative, lead consultant, and Architect of Record in the research, planning, and design of a new community hospital model which included the development of new services, aiding the growth of existing services through the systematic alignment of operations, and bringing together the staff and the administration.

North Ottawa Community Hospital contracted with Enviah in order to improve the environment and operations of their existing Emergency Department. Though the hospital’s patient satisfaction was already high, NOCH saw room for improvement and found that Enviah offered just the services they were looking for. The Enviah team carefully examined every aspect of the facility through observation, their CORE Report, and by taking environmental readings like light and sound measures. They identified areas where NOCH could improved both in terms of the design of the department and in the way their team was working together.

“Enviah worked collaboratively with our administration and with providers to create an environment that would be both efficient as well as a good place to work. NOCH now has more private rooms, better work flows and layouts, improved environmental aspects, and an excellent patient experience that focuses on long-term wellbeing, while still being able to provide top notch emergency support.” – Shelleye Yaklin, CEO, North Ottawa Community Health

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