Henry Ford Macomb Hospital

November 9, 2020

Success is Measured in Volumes, Expenses, Time, and Satisfaction.

The new Henry Ford Macomb Hospital inpatient tower is 257,500 sf of the expansion of the power house and a new parking lot and roads to complete the work for a total project cost of $123 million.


Improved productivity by streamlining the care process and reducing the number of steps staff need to take to care for a patient.


The new environment will accommodate all private universal rooms where all rooms can accommodate all patient types.


Likelihood to recommend will increase to 78%. A 15% increase from current score of 63%.

Revenue Generating Spaces

Patient Care Spaces increased in square footage. Staff Support Spaces were increased to promote collaboration.

Project Summary

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, AECOM, and Enviah worked together to design a new 5-floor, 160 bed tower. Enviah led executives and service line team members through the process of understanding how their input can directly impact the overall design and operational efficiencies in the built environment and helped them envision a state of the art facility of the future. Through dialogue and working sessions, the team landed on the importance of acuity adaptable and universal rooms being a critical component in the new tower design to insure the space and equipment would be capable of supporting a fully intensive care experience for the 50 years and beyond.

Through detailed the exploration of current operations, desired future operations, a paperdoll working sessions and discussions with people actually doing the day-to-day work, the team was provided insight into what the future could and should look like. This information was key to creating a space where operations aligned with the physical space for optimal performance including increased patient and employee satisfaction, quality, reputation, as well as reduction of staff/patient injuries and overall cost.

Enviah provided the architectural firm leading the project, the data, and insight to best design the space around the people and operations versus providing a building in which the people would need to figure out how to best work around a provided design.

Through this project, Henry Ford Macomb Hospital took a progressive step toward insuring their goals and objectives have been met by using evidence-based research to drive an efficient, effective, and appealing design not only for their staff and patients, but for the community overall.

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