James M. Stockman Cancer Center – Fredrick Memorial

April 22, 2016

Success is Measured in Volumes, Expenses, Time, and Satisfaction.

James M. Stockman Cancer center will create an exceptional patient experience surrounded by an integrated team for improved outcomes.


The collocation and use of Multi-D specialties increases staff productivity by at least 20%


New patient referral will be improved to one day from call to being seen. There will be treatment rooms that are flexible for all needs throughout their cancer journey


Improving overall satisfaction to 95% or higher.

Revenue Generating Spaces

Patient Care Spaces increased in square footage by 1.4x. Staff Support Spaces were increased to promote collaboration.

Project Summary

Building a new $21 million, 62,000 SF cancer center provides significant opportunities to create a physical environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing, and conforms to the best evidence-based design principles, but that is designed as a therapeutic tool and an instrument of healing. A beautifully and carefully designed environment that promotes healing and has ample space to accommodate a patient-centered, multidisciplinary approach to care.

The Cancer Institute will promote a culture of excellence, where staff find joy and meaning in their work which translates to the best possible service for patients and their families. The Cancer Institute will promote and support professional relationships to support a multidisciplinary team to provide the best care possible for patients. Operations will be consolidated and coordinated to work well together. Space will be provided for multidisciplinary teams to work together and provide state of the art care to patients.

A patient will experience support in all aspects of their care, allowing them to be a part of the team and see that the entire care team works together transparently, sharing information with each other. Enabling the patient to modify the environment to support their needs is important. This includes environmental elements such as light levels, temperature, and positive distractions.

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