Making A Difference

Enviah puts health and care back into healthcare environments.

Enviah works at the intersection of medicine and processes, people and systems, spaces and technology, bringing an evidence-based strategy to people-centered projects. Using thoughtful research, targeted studies, and statistical analysis, Enviah provides critical and reliable data about systems integration to decision makers, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

About Our Team

Lorissa MacAllister


Dr. MacAllister is a researcher and architect who uses her expertise in healthcare to pioneer a proven approach to visualize the future and align operations and building environments around an organizational strategy for success. With a background in architecture and medical social work, Dr. MacAllister’s research interests revolve around people’s behaviors and experiences – and how they are affected by – the physical environment. She serves on many national boards, to develop a way to standardize the process of creating environments for health. Dr. MacAllister leads her team with passion and perseverance, and her efforts ensure that Enviah continues to create innovative solutions and be the indisputable leader in the field.

Carol Hiscock

Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer

Carol is an integral part of the operations that support Enviah internally and externally. Her ability to hone into the critical success factors of the organization by defining, analyzing, visualizing, and tracking how the systems will function at an optimal level, ensures operational success. Carol’s years of experience and innovative thinking allow Enviah to design custom systems that will take hold and provide a firm foundation for our clients’ financial success while amplifying their assets.

Roberta Jelinek

Vice President, CPA, Managing Director – Strategy & Operations

Roberta is an effective change agent with a history of leading transformative growth strategies. She is a dynamic leader who can set a vision and facilitate organizational alignment to achieve the desired financial returns and key performance metrics.
With over 20 years’ experience as a healthcare executive leading strategy, development, and operations, Roberta brings extensive knowledge in acute, ambulatory, and post-acute care. Her expertise deepens Enviah’s ability to align the organizational strategy and operations with the built environment. She has successfully launched over a million square feet of planned space, accounting for over $400 million in capital, throughout her career.

David Buchanan

Associate Director | Planning & Design


David is a translator of ideas and operations into the built environment with a strong understanding of sustainable practices and technology. David leads project design and management for numerous clients within Enviah’s portfolio. He prides himself on an innovative approach, adapting and pivoting to project demands and client wants and needs. His fresh perspective and logic have proven to be an essential piece of Enviah’s design process.

Jake Dykstra

Associate Director | Project Manager

Jake facilitates meaningful communication and works cohesively with diverse teams to effectively engage and manage departments through capital projects to ensure project success. Jake is an integral part of the team and ensures success from client acquisition through design and execution. His experience allows him to truly understand the needs and barriers of a project and remove them to assure each project maximizes the value to the client’s capital investment.

Maggie Persons

Associate Designer


Maggie maneuvers through multiple design programs and utilizes expertise in finishing and furniture selections to deliver consistently exceptional results. Maggie is an innovative designer that adapts to the needs of Enviah’s diverse clients to produce excellent outcomes. She prides herself on bringing a unique perspective to finish selections and package creation for all projects she is involved in. Maggie’s experience allows her to create designs that focus on healing spaces while also being conscious of increasing patient and staff satisfaction in built environments.

Heather Burger

Associate Director | Project Management

Heather brings several years of management consulting experience to the Enviah team, primarily in strategy and planning, across both healthcare providers and payers. She is driven by helping her clients develop solutions focused on process improvement, clinical operations, and broad-based strategic planning.

Marianne Brown

Associate Director | Data Analytics & Project Management

Marianne provides Enviah’s clients with data-driven solutions that streamline business processes to increase revenue and improve patient satisfaction. She prides herself on her ability to maintain strong client relationships through superior communication skills, attention to detail, and consistent on-time delivery.

Erin Dunne

Associate Director | Content Strategy

Maintaining brand integrity, Erin executes marketing strategies and coordinates public relations efforts to promote a greater understanding of Enviah’s important work. She prides herself on her ability to contextualize complex information to share with Enviah’s broad audience.

Stephanie Burns

Office Administrator | Executive Assistant

Stephanie uses her analytical skills to review results and create streamlined processes to deliver optimal outcomes for both Enviah and its clients. Her experience allows her to fully understand all internal operational processes to guarantee complete alignment.

Sophie Phillips

Marketing Associate

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